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Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technologies and Applications (SUAVTA)


Objectives: In recent years, new developments in MEMS sensors, embedded systems, control and wireless technologies as well as cognitive sciences and artificial intelligence make it possible to use small and affordable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in both military and civilian applications. While the UAV market so far has been mainly driven by military and security applications, this new generation of UAVs also has the potential to generate a broader range of civilian applications like in- and out-door surveillance, disaster management, agriculture, remote sensing etc. However, there are still many unsolved problems in the area of small UAVs like the design of vehicles with a higher degree of intelligence and autonomy, the integration in the airspace, sense and avoidance technologies or the coordination of teams of small UAVs, to mention only a few. This symposium aims at presenting latest results in small UAV research and application. Manuscripts are solicited in the following topics but not limited to:

• Fixed-wing small UAV technologies, Rotary-wing small UAV technologies
• Low cost UAV platforms, Low cost IMU and autopilot development
• State estimation and fault diagnosis for small UAVs, Vision-based navigation for small UAVs
• Multi-UAV cooperative navigation and cooperative control, Fault-tolerant control
• Small UAV software architectures, Small UAV as flying sensors and applications in searching, rescuing, monitoring, surveillance, and disaster management etc
• Resilient flight controls, Cognitive UAVs, Airworthiness
• Student UAV/UAS competitions


Organizer’s Contact Information:

Prof. YangQuan Chen

Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Automation (MESA) Lab
University of California, Merced, USA


The 10th IEEE/ASME International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications
Sponsor: IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society
Technical Co-Sponsors: ASME Division of Design Engineering
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